Women's Aero Speedsuit

When every second counts, step into one of our custom speedsuits to get that extra edge. Made with our Aero Dimplex fabric- a low resistance fabric designed through wind tunnel testing- this suit fits like a second skin without making you feel like you're in a sausage casing! Prime band ringer comfortably keeps the legs put and variable sizing means you can get the perfect fit.

1)  Premium Aero Dimpex fabric has a soft stretch and feel, with exceptional breathability. One of the top tested aero fabrics in the world for trimming off those valuable seconds in the race.

2)  Soft Prime band on the leg for added comfort and to keep the suit in place.

3)  Short sleeve option comes with Prime bands on arms and legs.

4)  Low scoop neck to minimize excess fabric while in the drops.

5)  Comes standard with our Eco pad, but can be upgraded to any of our other pad options.  Talk to your rep for details!

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