Men's Long Sleeve Ringer Skinsuit

Made for comfort, performance, and durability. With a slight scoop neck, 3/4 length zipper, unhemmed arm endings to keep it flat on the skin, and soft prime band on the legs, this suit is meant to fit like a 2nd skin. Made for those short races where carrying food isn't a huge priority, but going fast is! Durable Shield fabric helps protect you if you happen to hit the pavement! Having a suit that fits you correctly is key to its performance on the bike. This is why we offer a list of options on custom sizing your own personal suit.

1)  Multi panel contour cut to improve fit.

2)  Soft Prime band on the leg helps reduce unwanted sausage legs, and keeps the suit in place.

3)  3/4 length zipper for ease of entry.

4)  Unhemmed arm endings to keep the suit flat on your arms and wrist.

5)  Uses Shield, a Bluesign, compressive, durable, technical fabric with a very soft touch.


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