Women's Sizing

It is always preferable to try our items on, which you can do at one of our locations or by requesting a fit kit for your team. When not possible, use our guides to determine the best size. Everybody (and every body) has a unique personal preference on every aspect of fit, which means it is impossible to guarantee a 'perfect' fit. Using the guides below; if you prefer a pro fit, select your items on the smaller size of a range, where as a fond, century, or recreational rider might prefer to size up.

All custom orders are final sales and cannot be returned or exchanged. If you receive a size that does not fit you optimally, we suggest you reach out to your team coordinator (solutions could include trading around, finding another member who would like additional kit, or keeping as team extras).


Women's Sizing Chart

Chart below reflects garments specifically labeled as women. Unisex sizing chart coming.
Height 5´0-5´3 5´2-5´6 5´3-5´6 5´5-5´8 5´6-5´10 5´10 and Up 5´10 and Up
Weight Under 110 110-125 120-140 135-155 150-165 160-185 185 and up
Waist Under 22 22-25 25-28 27-30 29-32 32-35 35 and up
Chest Under 30 30-33 32-36 34-38 37-40 39-42 42 and up
Pant Size 0 to 2 2 to 4 4 to 6 6 to 10 8 to 12 12 to 16 16 and up

Every Body is different

Cycling clothing should be worn snug in order to feel and perform at its best. With stretch technical fabrics, a wide range of body types will fit into a single size. Length adjustments are a common process at JL (see Understanding Custom Sizing), but height, weight, and chest size variations make it tricky to guess which size will fit you optimally. If you have not had a chance to take advantage of one of our sizing services (fit kit, factory walk in, custom sizing party) use these examples of different body types to help you determine the sizes to order.

Small/Medium Sizing Example


Name Tela Garments Sizing
Height 5´9 SPD & Team Stretch Jerseys S
Weight 156 Incognito & Team Strip Jerseys S/M
Chest 36 Basic Joe Club Jersey S
Bibs & Shorts M
Vests XS & S
Jackets XS & S
  Armwarmers S
Skinsuit/Speedsuit S/M

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