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FiTTER™ – LIVE YOUR FITNESS™ is a unique apparel brand born in California. It is part of a broader community known as FitterLives™. In short, they strive to encourage more people to live healthier and happier lives through a commitment to physical fitness, nutrition, and a health conscious life. In other words, FiTTER is a brand with a PURPOSE!
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IRWIN CYCLING is a dynamic brand with razor sharp focus on innovation and technology to develop superior products. They are dedicated to help riders perform beyond their highest potential. Their design team is made up of highly qualified engineers and technicians who have passion for bikes, engineering and producing the highest quality product possible. Each member of the IRWIN team shares a common vision to inspire and deliver a unique riding experience every time. They ensure that our products perform flawlessly in the most extreme environments, whether it’s in the unforgiving mountain passes of the Pyrenees or the blistering heat on the roads of Kona.



Team Velo uses these Masi bikes to race
Masi has been synonymous with quality and innovation for more than 90 years. Faliero Masi was considered a genius and visionary and his dedication to the individual needs of each and every rider that entered his world, earned him the nickname of "The Tailor" and a reputation as one of the greatest custom bicycle builders of all time. A strong commitment to innovation, tradition, and engineered ride quality have been in their DNA for decades and form the leading edge of our core values today. Simply put, It's all about the ride.



Forze (pronounced “force”) was founded in 2013 in Southern California. When FORZE began they were not only interested in bright colors and innovative designs, they also wanted to incorporate high-performance features into all of their athletic socks. Their goal from day one has been to offer high-quality products that help athletes improve their performance by assuring the right compression and comfort.

Bike Legal


At Bike Legal, these Orange County bicycle accident attorneys are highly skilled and experienced legal professionals, as well as avid cyclists. They focus their entire practice on representing victims of bicycle accidents throughout California, something they have done for over 35 years. While not all of of their attorneys are cyclists, all of them have spent years representing injured cyclists and their families; they understand the unique concerns and challenges you and your loved ones are facing and we know how to effectively pursue the full, fair recovery you need and deserve.




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If you pedal, paddle, hike, climb, run, jump, kick, swim, rock, wriggle or roll, you’re going to sweat. That means you need hydration. It’s important, not only for normal body functions but it improves power and recovery as well. GQ-6. With no artificial additives and being gluten free, makes the GQ-6 line of products the best pre, intra and post workout supplements anywhere. The GQ-6 team is dedicated to create products that are as exceptional as they are functional.

Monster Media Racing


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Every ride is different, no rider is the same. Why should your gear be? Birdworx provides you the ability to personalize the highest quality cycling gear. From name plates, helmet skins, wheels, computer skins, and accessories.

Union Sport


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Union Sport saddles were designed to connect form and function. From lab work to real world cycling rides, Union Sport saddles were conceived after a plethora of different configurations in order to attain the best saddle possible. From road to mountain and everything in between, Union Sport saddles provide the ultimate comfort without sacrificing performance to the everyday rider and racer.



Pioneer Power Meters are an essential weapon for any serious cyclist. Know more about your ride than ever before with the first and only power meter that measures the output and pedaling stroke efficiency of each leg, in real time. Pioneer delivers advanced precision and accuracy with force detection in 24 locations - almost 400 times per rotation. Make on-the-fly adjustments and be confident that you’ve got the information you need to better your technique and efficiency at your fingertips.

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