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JL Velo Custom Sizing

Custom sizing should never be intimidating. With JLVelo it is quite simple and will make for your best fitting cycling kit. Are you 6'4 and 150 pounds? Tired of having to buy Large to accommodate your torso, then wearing it baggy and distracting? Wearing short-shorts because your legs are so long? Not everyone is shaped the same, but we think everyone should be comfortable and able to enjoy their ride.

Do not, however, order custom sizes unless you have had a chance to try on our garments. You must have a standard in our cut from which to start. Also, garments vary across designs. If you decide on a - Small+1 - Team Stretch jersey, it does not mean you will want to order a - Small+1 - in the jacket. Zipper lengths vary per style. See zipper length charts on the men's and women's sizing pages. And Try Them On.

How to communicate your custom sizes to us

Upper Body Garments

(Top size) + or - change
= we will add 2 to the zipper length of a Small size (From -1 to +2 available in zipper length adjustments)

Garments with Bibs

+ or - change/(Bottom size) + or - change
-1 SMALL +1
= we shorten the mesh bib by 1 inch, and lengthen the inseam of the bottoms by 1 inch (From -3 to +3 on mesh straps) (From -1 to +2 available on inseam lengths)

Skinsuits and Speedsuits

(Top Size)+ or - change/(Bottom Size)+ or -change
Small +1/Medium +1
= we lengthen the Small top by 1 inch, and lengthen the inseam of the Medium bottom by 1 inch
(Top and bottom can be different sizes. Add or subtract 1 inch from the top length. From -1 to +2 inches change available on bottom inseam.

Arm Warmers

(Warmer Size)+ or - change
Small +1
= we lengthen a Small by 1inch From -1 to +2 inches can be changed on length of the arm warmers

Custom Garments


-- Jerseys and shirts
-- Bottoms
-- Suits
-- Vests
-- Triathlon


-- Jerseys and shirts
-- Bottoms
-- Suits
-- Vests
-- Triathlon

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- Caps and Headgear
- Accesories and warmers
- Juniors and Kids
- Longsleeves

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