Welcome to pure, unadulterated, race-inspired cycle wear.
Designed for those who demand the most from themselves, from their team mates, and from the race equipment they choose. We're JL Velo. The finest custom cyclewear available to cyclekind.

JL is a family-owned business, run and staffed by athletes. For over 30 years, we have been designing, engineering, and manufacturing our technical training and racing clothing. At our factory we have complete control over the means of production, over the timing, and over our impact on the community and on the environment. We source our materials as close to production as possible, use recycled fibers when available, and have solar panels on our roof! Our employees repay our commitment to them with consistent, quality work--you'll recognize it in every garment we make!
So who are we?
My name is Joline Esparza. I started JL in the early eighties while training and competing for the US Rowing Team. It was my great honor to represent the US; I raced to a Silver Medal in the Open Women's Eight, Lucerne, '82. I designed and made clothing that worked for me, my training partners, and my husband, a track and field athlete. In the years since then, Ken and I have developed JL Design Enterprises, Inc., a full-service sports apparel company specializing in customized uniforms for training and racing. As a company we are committed to value and service. As a family we stand behind the integrity of our company. What this means to you is that we understand the importance of creating and maintaining team relationships. Ask any of the teams we work with. Ask about our communication, deliveries, and service. And ask about our products.  We enjoy what we do at JL, and I think it shows.  Look for the JL tent at local events.  Call us any time to ask questions or to locate a regional representative.

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-- Jerseys and shirts
-- Bottoms
-- Suits
-- Vests
-- Tri

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